Project Two

Vicki a bright an bubbly Dog Groomer wanted to start her own mobile grooming and dog washing service. Unsure where to start Vicky needed assistance with: ABN Registration, Trading Name, Logo / Branding elements, Facebook Page, Website, Flyers, Trailer Signage and Business Cards.

The trading name and logo idea worked well for Vicky, as it allowed her customers an instant personal connection which matched her lively & optimistic nature. Her energy was just electric and infectious.

The word Crazy does bear some negative connotations. To get past this, I needed to create a logo which emphasized her crazy passions for animals. I used the ‘C’ for Crazy forming into a heart shape shape, paring the font with my C-shaped heart was probably the hardest part of the whole logo design. Once I found the font to match our C-shaped heart it just all came together beautifully.

All that was left to do is include a ‘TAIL’ and movement. Of course Vicky’s branding needed to included bubbles – not because she bubble baths nearly 35 dogs a week, it’s to reflect her bubbly young personality.